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Ratu Ratu - winning clay animation, MADE Awards finalist

Haere Mai Peka Mai - winning pipi slideshow

Te Kararere Story -

E Oho te Wairua - clay animation finalist, Outlook for Someday finalist, TVNZ6 Multimedia Challenge finalist

Nga Rongo Kino - graphic animation finalist, MADE Awards finalist, Outlook for Someday finalist

Paranitiara - graphic animation finalist, MADE Awards finalist, TVNZ6 Multimedia Challenge finalist

Haere Mai Peka Mai - music video finalist

Ratu Ratu - short fiction film entry, MADE Awards finalist

Haere Mai Peka Mai - graphic animation entry

Haere Mai Peka Mai - documentary entry, MADE Awards finalist

Maui te Tipuna - clay animation entry

Haere Mai Peka Mai - pipi slideshow entry

Ruaumoko - graphic animation entry, MADE Awards finalist

Warriors vs Thunder - clay animation entry


The Digital Citizenship Agreement is something that we expect all of our children to read and discuss with their teacher.

After this they will sign and adhere to the 6 conditions of the agreement in order to keep everybody safe when using digital resources and in particular the internet.

The digital world is engaging and critical for todays learners, we want our children to fully access all e-learning opportunities in appropriate ways.

If parents and Whanau have any questions or queries regarding this agreement please feel free to come into school to discuss it with us.

Digital Citizenship Agreement 2010.doc

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Hinemokemoke - the winning clay animation entry.

Pakaanui - a finalist in the clay animation category.

Boar Kong - typical boy humor!

A Birds Tale - the story of Poroumata told from an avian perspective!

Taitimuroa - the winning graphic entry in the 2009 Nati Awards

Te Aowera - a graphic animation telling the story of the multiple shifts of Te Aowera marae. A 2009 finalist.

Te Aowera 2 - as above but by another group. Another 2009 finalist.

Poroumata - The short fiction film that was a finalist in this category.

Poroumata - The doco version that was also a finalist this year in that category.

Te Aowera - one of the pipi slideshows.

Te Aowera - another pipi slideshow entry.

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The following site is full of free interactive flash games that can be played, many of these are

great learning tools, many of them are just pure fun. Some examples...

Follow this link -

Suzies Links

The above screenshot is of a website that is a wonderful resource to access interactive websites that

are designed to compliment and reinforce children's learning.

Follow this link...

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Worried about privacy and your images when uploading photos? An alternative is to create an "avatar" or digital character.
You can insert these as widgets or save a jpeg of the image to upload. There are numerous sites to do this. The one below was created at

Meez 3D avatar avatars games

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In T2 some of our children had the opportunity to participate in ICT workshops that were organised by ETER and sponsored by TPK.
Children who had the ability to on share the learning attended:
  • Script Writing
  • Digital Music
  • Graphic Animation
  • Acting
  • Film Makers Tips and Tricks
  • Wikispaces

Interactive Whiteboards

In 2008 and again this year we invested in interactive whiteboards (IWB's). These are now in Rooms 2,3,4 and 5. IWB's are a form of highly engaging technology, they are a tool and the challenge ahead is to use them in creative ways. Our expectation is that they are used constantly by both students and teachers within an integrated curriculum. Below is a clip showing one of our students using the IWB as a presentation tool when introducing the proposed peer mediation programme to staff.

Web 2 Tools.

Web2 tools have been used by staff and students to collaborate and share. Examples include..

Voicethread Voicethread is a tool that is used to collect ideas, opinions, answers. Creators invite collaborators by sending an e-mail link.
Collaborators can share their voice through uploading a sound file, written comment or uploading a video file.
Mind Meister Mind Meister is a mind mapping tool to organise thinking. Maps can be shared, they can also be worked on collaboratively, the creator can invite online collaborators by sending them a link through the e-mail.
Independent Confident Learners