The T3 kaupapa was science based, it's focus was on electrical connectivity and reactions. Children explored a range of activities including...

  • Lemon Batteries
  • Experimenting to determine what material would convey a current
  • Switches
  • Circuits
  • Creating static electricity
  • Magnetism

Senior pupils made designed and electrical circuit quiz board at the conclusion of the unit. Questions were written and when the question and the right answer were selected the light came on... you win!

An example of what the children made.

A great resource site.

Circuit Game

Junior school children made a game where a wire ring had to be threaded around a loopy wire without toughing it, if this happened a light came on... you lose!

An example of what the children made.


Cause and Effect - Science.doc

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Our Kaupapa this term is focussed around the rich concept of CREATIVITY. Our particular context will be "Nga Haka me nga Waiata o Hiruharama". This is in response to the up and coming Nati Awards in T3. We need to have completed our inquiry into this kaupapa and undertaken the lions share of the the planning and pre-production of our entries this term in order to have them ready for entry in early T3. We are looking forward to exploring the haka and waiata from Hiruharama and responding to them in a digital way. The concept of creativity will include the creativity of the writers of our haka and songs and our own creativity in the creation of digital content. A busy term ahead bit no doubt highly engaging!

Te Kiri Ngutu - Tuta Nihoniho's Haka

Another link to Te Kiri Ngutu

Creativity Plan T2 2010.doc

T1 2010 - COURAGE
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This term we have taken the concept of "Courage" as it links directly with one of our vision statements... "Our children will be kind, confident and courageous people of character who make a positive contribution to society".

We are exploring courage - the different types of courage and the way we can be courageous in our everyday lives. We will be using 2 separate contexts to explore courarge, the first one of these in T1 is the Winter Olympics and then in the second half of T1 we will study the ANZACS and in particular 2nd Lt Te Moananui a Kiwa Ngarimu.

Please find below a link to the planning that details learning intentions and assessment expectations for all children.

Courage Plan T1 2010.doc

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Our T3 kaupapa mahi / inquiry learning will focus on the concept of sustainability within the context of "MAARA KAI". What underpins this kaupapa is the school goal to develop the horse paddock alongside the school into orchards and gardens. The aim of the learning is as follows...

  • By the end of this unit of work children will have contributed to the development of a proposal for the creation of a sustainable, practical and manageable school orchard and garden in the existing horse paddock. Children will develop in depth knowledge about one of the following re-cycling food waste, beneficial insects, fruit trees, native wildlife, raised vegetable gardens and planning.

The learning will involve lots of gathering of a variety of information, exploring and planning. Teachers have formulated the following learning intentions for this kaupapa...

  • Tamariki will understand that in a sustainable garden careful decisions must be made about planting - what, where, when, how and why,

  • Tamariki will know how the various relationships between plants, trees, birds, insects, animals, people, weather, climate, and geography can affect each other either positively or negatively.

  • Tamariki can explain how they have come to the recommendations that they are making for the development of the school orchard/garden and why they are making them.

Each class has been designed an age appropriate "Rich Learning Task" by their teachers. The tasks are varied and they each contribute to the overarching collective challenge of the horse paddock development.

Follow this link for further information about sustainable gardening .

Gardening_Reference_Booklet.pdf Gardening_Actions.pdf

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Term 1 has seen us all learning about our various relationships with eachother. Our children have investigated their own whakapapa and shared it at school, they have discovered similar tipuna and have been making connections with eachother.

A neat place to go to record your whakapapa is -


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In Term 2 the learning will focus on our own stories of Ngati Porou. The theme for the 2009 Nati Awards is Pakiwaitara so we felt that it was appropriate to focus on this during term 2. There are several historical stories that we will focus on:

  • Te Kohurutanga o Poroumata

  • Ikakoraparua

  • Taitimuroa

  • Ihuranhirahi and the discovery of the taunga ika "Kapuarangi"

  • Rongo i te Kai


Follow this link to read about Te Kohurutanga o Poroumata

One of the key learning activities we will be engaging in for this unit is the production of our Nati Award entries. We are planning on making

animations, a documentary, a short film, graphic posters, slideshows, an advertisement and wikispaces. Below is an example of an animations of two of the Maui legends, the message from this is... simple is effective!

Pakiwaitara Information