Multi-styled Text Generator at In 2010 we are having in-depth professional development in mathematics, numeracy in particular. This professional development involves all teachers and is delivered by School Support Services (Waikato University). A recent workshop with our maths advisor Sheree Drummond was an excellent re-visit to the numeracy framework and one of the key messages was how critical it is for children to develop number knowledge especially basic facts in the first 2 years of school. If this knowledge is not acquired by the end of Y2 children will have difficulty progressing past the "advanced counting" stage 4 of the number framework. Essential early knowledge to develop by the end of Year 2 includes..

  • Read, Write and Count whole numbers to 100 in 1's, 2's, 5's and 10'

  • Recall how many 10's in a 2 digit number e.g. 87 has got 8 tens

  • Know groupings that make up 10 e.g. 3 + 7, 8 + 2 ...

  • Know doubles up to 20 and the matching halves e.g. 7 + 7 = 14 and 1/2 of 14 is 7

  • Groupings with 10 e.g. 10 + 3 = 13, 10 + 6 = 16 ...

By the end of Year 2 they also need to be able to...

  • Solve addition problems to 100 in their head by counting on e.g. 43 + 3 = ?

  • Solve subtraction problems to 100 in their head by counting backwards e.g 57 - 5 = ?

The following document shows what our expectations are for numeracy at each level of the school - Expectations.pdf

We will be working hard at school to provide your child with the learning experiences they need to get to Stage 4 by the end of Year 2 and of course beyond this to the higher stages of the numeracy framework as they move through the school. Below are some links that you may like to follow to find out how you can support your child at home.

Support at Home

Games and Activities

Computer Activities for Bright Sparks

Problem Solving

Maths Sites for Students

All of the above links can be found at the Families page in the New Zealand Maths site - NZ Maths - Families page

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In 2010 all children at Hiruharama will be registered for the Mathletics programme at no cost to their whanau. This is a significant investment by the school however we feel that due to the positive difference it made to the trial group in 2009 it will be money well spent. Parents may register free to access their childs weekly reports, progress and certificates. Please see the school for details.

Registering children for Mathletics is one of our strategies to lift achievement in maths. Other strategies can be seen in the 2010 Achievement Target 1, follow this link -

Jeru Target 1 2010.doc

To visit Mathletics go to - to find out more about this exciting and motivating new maths programme.


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